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We believe it is high time for women to have equal access to crucial leadership roles – from the living room to the board room. Enhanced and scaled female leadership will spread women’s historically undervalued skillset of uniting individual strengths for the benefit of the collective. Like a wolfpack.

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We believe we will get there by fostering in brave originals the mindset of elite teammates. They operate with extreme loyalty to each other and devotion to the group’s success. Like a wolfpack.

Not only will each individual benefit; everyone around her will too: colleagues, families, communities and beyond.

This is a revolution. It won’t happen fast. We will implement our next generation approaches over time. This is the champion’s way.

It requires an excellence-first mentality. Therefore we are exceedingly selective about who we invite into our wolfpack.

We believe current models for developing leaders are broken. Women who want to make positive change through others need team-based, high performance mentoring and support of the future. Wolfpack Endeavor delivers it.



We are the only company revolutionizing work by fostering the mindset of an elite champion in teams of female leaders.

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We provide our clients with mentorship, support, development and motivation through consistent and intimate access to our champion athletes and elite leaders.

We create bottoms-up, tailored solutions.
Ours is a holistic approach, integrating mind, body, spirit and family. We embrace emotion without sacrificing reason.

Because we treat work as more than just what we do to make a living, we look at everyone we potentially invite into our wolfpack not as an employee, client or partner – but as someone we’d want to share our lives with. Therefore, if we’re less than excited to work with someone, we won’t. We work with extraordinary people with demonstrable track records, and we’re teammates for life.

Our clients don’t just learn WHAT talent maximization looks like.

They finally understand HOW to determine what they’re great at, double down on it, craft a solution to a profound need and gather others to solve it.


WOLFPACK ENDEAVOR is revolutionizing work through elite teams of female leaders.

By pairing champion athletes and elite coaches with select female leaders, we provide a different class of leadership development.

We tailor our programs for progressive organizations that are eager to grow and enhance their female leadership.

PARTICIPANTS IN OUR PROGRAMS RECEIVE MENTORING, support, development and motivation through consistent and intimate access to our champion athletes and elite leaders.

Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach


One of the greatest soccer players of all-time, Abby is the #1 all-time leading scorer in international soccer history with 184 career goals. A true leader on and off the field, Wambach is dedicating the next chapter of her career to fighting for equality and inclusion across industries. Her latest best-seller, Wolfpack is a rally cry for women in all workplaces, following the life lessons she shared in her New York Times’ Best-Selling memoir, Forward.

Heather O'Reilly

Heather O'Reilly

Featured Athlete

Displaying one of the best work rates in the world in women’s football, Heather thundered up and down the right flank for the U.S. Women’s National team from 2002- 2016, winning three Olympic gold medals and the World Cup in 2015. As an analyst for Fox Sports, Heather shares insights and in-depth commentary with viewers around the world. She is thrilled to be engaging with female leaders to instill some of the qualities that have helped her excel: competitiveness, hard work, leadership, positivity, and relentless determination.

Dr. Colleen Hacker

Dr. Colleen Hacker

Featured Coach

Colleen has served as a member of the United States coaching staff for six Olympic Games as a Mental Skills Coach and Performance Psychology Specialist. In addition to her work with National Teams, Dr. Hacker serves as the mental skills coach to professional, international and Olympic athletes in a variety of sports including MLB, the NFL, PGA, LPGA,MLS, NWPS (professional soccer), USA swimming, crew, speed skating, track and field, and tennis to name a few.


“I tell my management all the time: We implemented a pre-mortem process for our releases that has resulted in 0 rollbacks since we started. (We were at almost a 50% rollback rate before that.)

Leading with more emotional intelligence has also led to a better dynamic overall for my team. I see a difference in the way we interact, more open and vulnerable and less guarded.

I’ve done a better job tossing things that don’t fall into my set of priorities across all the areas of my life, and I’ve seized the things that fall inside. That’s one of the big drivers behind applying for my MBA.”

“In my new leadership role, I just submitted the 2019 budget request and initial planning for my business, and I wanted to express how valuable the Wolfpack has been in helping me craft this. The time this week with you all and the team was so influential.

I can’t imagine having been able to do this without that time, those insights, the input from the team, and the faith and courage you’ve instilled in all of us. I’m truly so appreciative for this program and these relationships.”

“I think it’s an amazing, life changing program and it’s honestly turned everything on its head the past few months – and I don’t say that lightly either. I hadn’t realized how much this year had broken my confidence and belief, and it’s re-energized me in a way that I wasn’t sure I’d get back, so thank you.

It’s been great to have our worlds shaken up in such a positive way – so grateful to you, Abby (and of course our company for investing in this). I 100% believe we can win if we all embrace this mindset!”